Trial Information

Advice for your big day or special occasion.

Feel free to ask for advice or guidance prior to your appointment.

Preparation for your trial.

Hair Prep –
Your hair needs to be clean and dry upon my arrival this means that we can spend the whole appointment creating your desired hair style.
I will ask that you wash your hair at the same time of the trial as you plan to do so for the wedding day.

Allergies –
It’s very important that you inform me of any allergies you have prior to application, so I can source alternative products should they be needed.

Skin type and prep –
It’s important for me to create a flawless finish, however for this, I ask for a exfoliated, cleansed skin that will allow the makeup to work with your skin a lot better than that is un-prepped. Drinking plenty of water and keeping your skin hydrated will help with giving you the desired look you are after.

What should you do prior to your trial –
It’s important to make sure your make-up is removed ready to start your trial. It’s also advised to wear something white to give you the best idea of how your hair and make-up will look up again your wedding dress.

The Big Day

On the morning of your wedding it’s best to have a top which is easy to get off such as a buttoned top to avoid anything getting ruined.